2022-08-22 08:00Press release

Introducing this autumn’s volumizing news

Björn Axén VolumizingBjörn Axén Volumizing

The Swedish hairdressing and hair care brand Björn Axén is launching three volumizing news. The innovative 2-in-1 product Volumizing Dry Shampoo Paste, which contains the active ingredient Zeolite and the specially designed Long Barrel Brush, made in two sizes.

This autumn is all about volume. Björn Axén is launching the innovative styling product Volumizing Dry Shampoo Paste, a paste that can be used as both a dry shampoo and a volumizing booster. The paste contains the active ingredient Zeolite, a natural mineral created millions of years ago when volcanic ash mixed with alkaline groundwater. The mineral clay quickly builds up volume while absorbing excess oil without leaving any product residue.

The Volumizing Dry Shampoo Paste is applied onto dry or towel-dried hair. A small amount is heated in between the hands and then worked into the hair roots. The result is a refreshed and fuller volumized hair. The styling product, which suits all hair types and lengths, is an addition to Björn Axén's existing Volumizing series. A product range that already consists of shampoo, conditioner, volumizing dry spray and mousse.

Björn Axén is also introducing the new round brush Long Barrel Brush coming in two sizes, 43 mm and 53 mm. A brush that suits all hair types and whose long specially designed brush head is made of ceramic plates with well-placed air holes. Qualities making blow-drying more efficient whilst creating a shiny and long-lasting result.


The products are launching in stores week 34.


Volumizing Dry Shampoo Paste 220 kr/50 ml
Long Barrel Brush 43 mm 380 kr
Long Barrel Brush 53 mm 400 kr

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About Björn Axén

In 1963 Björn Axén brought glamour and creativity from Paris to Sweden when he opened his first salon in Stockholm. It wasn´t long until he was on everyone’s lips, putting hairdressing on the map. Since then, Björn Axén has grown into a highly established company synonymous with expertise and quality, offering sustainable haircare products for all hair types.