2023-08-18 09:01Press release

Join us backstage at haute couture fashion week in Paris

Stéphane Rolland haute couture show at Opéra Garnier in ParisHair by Björn Axén

A as part of a long-term collaboration with haute couture designer Stéphane Rolland we got the honorable mission to team up with him for the fourth time in a row at his magnificent show at Opéra Garnier in Paris. A project that requires months of preparation, great expertise in hair and styling products that delivers top performance. We talked with our CEO and hairdresser Johan Hellström who is responsible for the collaboration together with Royal Hairdresser Peter Hägelstam.

Tell us, how was Paris?
- Fashion week is the best time to visit Paris and it’s an amazing feeling to be there and experience it all. You can really feel the vibes throughout the entire city! Also, I’ll never stop being impressed by Stéphane’s talent and beautiful work. This year’s collection was something else and it’s a great honor to work with him and his team. As always, there are a lot of expectations and adrenaline backstage, but it’s a true pleasure to go there with our dedicated and experienced team of hairdressers.

What is Björn Axéns mission?
- Our mission in the collaboration with Stéphane Rolland is to interpret his theme for the collection into beautiful hair creations and style all models before the show. We work closely with him and his team months before the show to make the full look of the models and bring out the best out of the design. The brief is to create something extraordinary with elements and inspiration from the collection that enhance the look and details in the clothes.

What was the theme for the hair?
- The theme for Stéphane’s collection was inspired by the opera singer Maria Callas. With this in mind, we wanted to create extra elegant hair styles inspired by the opera stage but with a modern touch and edge.
At last, which products are key to succeeding with the styling?
- This year we used our Argan Oil Smooth Cream and Salt Water Spray to get a smooth and shiny look. As always, we also used a combination of our bestselling hairsprays. Megafix Hairspray with its powerful strong hold effect that keeps the hairstyles in place all day and Just Right Hairspray for extra shine. And of course, we also care for the model’s hair and use Heat Styling Protection to protect their hair from damage when using heat styling tools.

About Björn Axén

In 1963 Björn Axén brought glamour and creativity from Paris to Sweden when he opened his first salon in Stockholm. It wasn´t long until he was on everyone’s lips, putting hairdressing on the map. Since then, Björn Axén has grown into a highly established company synonymous with expertise and quality, offering sustainable haircare products for all hair types.