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Björn Axén – haute coiffure

30 years ago, the greatest hair artist of our time, Björn Axén, suddenly passed away. Since then, Johan Hellström and Peter Hägelstam have managed his legacy and built an international company with the world as its playing field. 'Björn Axén - haute coiffure' is Johan and Peter's story, written by Susanna Strömquist, about 60 years of passionate business and craftmanship that intertwines into what is Björn Axén today. The anniversary book will be launched on 6 October.
The book 'Björn Axén - haute coiffure' is Johan Hellström's and Peter Hägelstam's story about how it all started, ended and started again. The book tells the fascinating story of the shampoo boy from Lidköping who became the Queen's and court's coiffeur, the gals' hairdresser and who laid the foundation for the brand and hair empire that conquered the world.

- The book is a declaration of love and tribute to the craftmanship and art as much as our story about the company and our joint life's work. It is also our way of thanking Björn, our legendary teacher, mentor, friend, role model and company founder for the fabulous gift he left behind. This year we celebrate 60 years, Björn's 30 years and our first 30 years, says Johan Hellström.

On June 25, 1993, the tabloids were filled with the tragic news of the hair artist's death. Shortly afterwards, an equally unexpected announcement followed, about the 27-year-old heir Johan Hellström, a former hairdressing student who was given the chance to take over the entire company and Björn's floor on Kungsholmen. Together with his friend and colleague Peter Hägelstam, he took over the brand and the salons. Since then, Johan and Peter have had the responsibility and accepted the challenge of managing the brand and turning the business' financial challenges into success.
- Just like Björn, we love beauty and value our mission as royal court supplier and we live and learn by his motto that every woman is a Queen. Björn's philosophies are deeply imprinted in the company's DNA, our driving force is to create well-being for every customer. Björn would have loved what we have created and our fantastic products, which are now available all over the world, says Peter Hägelstam.
The author Susanna Strömquist has, through Johan and Peter's stories together with Björn's saved material, depicted the last 60 years in an entertaining cultural-historical masterpiece filled with photographs, hairstyle sketches and memories from the middle of the 20th century to today. The book will be launched on 6 October 2023 on Björn Axén's website and salons and on 10 October at Adlibris and selected retailers.

Author: Susanna Strömquist
Publisher: Max Ström
Genre: Nonfiction
Format: Bound
Language: Swedish and english
Pages: 336
Price: 50 EUR, 490 SEK
Launch date: 2023-10-06
ISBN: 9789171266118 (sv)
ISBN: 9789171266187 (eng)


Susanna Strömquist is an award-winning author, critic and curator. She has previously published the book 'Norden Paris, NK's French women's tailoring 1902-1966' (2021) and curated an exhibition with the same title at the Nordic Museum. In 2022 she was awarded the ELLE gala's honorary prize and the NK gala's honorary prize for her many years of efforts in the fashion field.


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About Björn Axén

In 1963 Björn Axén brought glamour and creativity from Paris to Sweden when he opened his first salon in Stockholm. It wasn´t long until he was on everyone’s lips, putting hairdressing on the map. Since then, Björn Axén has grown into a highly established company synonymous with expertise and quality, offering sustainable haircare products for all hair types.


Marketing Director
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