2022-03-20 20:28Press release

Björn Axén celebrates hair enthusiasts – with new Repair Anti Break Treatment

Björn Axén is now launching Repair Anti Break Treatment in success series Repair, a heat-protective leave-in-product that repairs and rebuilds the hair – perfect for all hair types.

At Björn Axén, we celebrate the hair enthusiast. The person who feels better when their hair looks great, who changes hairstyle as often as the mood and let the hair express their personality. It's the person who believes that color and shape do not have an age.

Life for a genuine hair enthusiast can cause a lot of stress on the hair. One of the biggest problems is extreme heat, but everything from washing, hair drying, brushing, styling, the sun, pollution, and even what hair accessories you use can damage the hair. In the long run, the hair can get frizzy, dry and lose glow.

Repair Anti Break Treatment is the latest addition in Björn Axén's bestselling product line, Repair. It's a heat-protective, leave-in-product that is perfect for all hair types. Regardless of whether the goal is to repair or prevent damage - Repair Anti Break Treatment is made to protect the hair and work against frizz, as well as adding moisture and much needed glow. The product creates the perfect conditions for new hair styles and hair visions.

- We see that people put more and more time into their hair. Many of our customers dream of different hairstyles and colors but may not have the hair quality they wish. In order to help with these problems, we at Björn Axén started to investigate how to make the perfect product that everyone needs to create the best circumstances for your hair. The result, Repair Anti Break Treatment is a celebration to all hair enthusiasts, says Johan Hellström, owner of Björn Axén.

The product line Repair is one of Sweden's bestselling nourishing hair products and has received many awards in the Nordics. Earlier products, shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioning hair mask, are characterized by their incredible ability to repair, hydrate, and rebuild the hair. Together the Repair series offer products with several benefits and purposes combined in one product.

Product information and recommended prices
NEW! Repair Anti Break Treatment – Launching August 2021
• Leave-in treatment for long-lasting protection
• Heat-protection when use of hair straightener. Up to 220°C
• For all hair types
• Result is a strong and shiny hair without product feel
• Hypo allergenic scent
• Dermatologically tested
• Vegan
• Price: 195 kr, 125 ml

Repair Shampoo
• Nourishing shampoo for damaged and dry hair
• Enriched with organic argan oil, proteins, and minerals from the sea that strengthen, hydrate, and rebuild
• Leaves hair strong, shiny, and renewed
• Dermatologically tested
• Vegan
• Price: 140 kr, 250 ml

Repair Conditioner
• A nourishing conditioner that repairs dry and damaged hair
• Enriched with a high concentration of restoring minerals and proteins, in addition to organic argan oil, to hydrate both hair and scalp
• Leaves hair strong, shiny, and renewed
• Combine with Repair Shampoo to enhance the repairing effect
• Dermatologically tested
• Vegan
• Price: 150 kr, 250 ml

Repair Deep Conditioning Hair Mask
• An intensely nourishing and repairing hair mask for dry and damaged hair
• Organic argan oil and nourishing minerals provide a deep treatment that hydrates, strengthens, and rebuilds the hair without weighing it down
• Leaves hair hydrated, strong and full of shine
• Combine with Repair Shampoo to enhance the repairing and rebuilding effect
• Dermatologically tested
• Vegan
• Price: 190 kr 200 ml


Repair Anti Break Treatment is available in stores from week 34

About Björn Axén

In 1963 Björn Axén brought glamour and creativity from Paris to Sweden when he opened his first salon in Stockholm. It wasn´t long until he was on everyone’s lips, putting hairdressing on the map. Since then, Björn Axén has grown into a highly established company synonymous with expertise and quality, offering sustainable haircare products for all hair types.